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    medical cannabis research

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    Hi everyone, I am a new member here and my apologies for my lack of Dutch. I am a master's student at the university of Amsterdam studying anthropology, and I am currently doing a small study on the medical use of cannabis in the Netherlands. I am a full supporter of medical cannabis and I was hoping there might be some members of this forum that might be willing to share their experience about using medical cannabis with me. It is an independent and informal study and I can guarantee anonymity for anyone who is kind enough to talk to me about it. I am really just looking to have chats with people and listen to their own accounts. If you, or anyone that you may know, does consume cannabis on a medical basis and would be willing to have a chat about it with me, please contact me on this forum. I greatly appreciate any help, and will promptly remove this post if it violates any rules of this forum.


    Re: medical cannabis research

    You're about the fiftieth researcher coming here. You'll probably be the fiftieth researcher who collects data without reporting anything back.
    The people on this forum get a lot of requests like this, because, let's be honest: we're the ideal mixed representation of Dutch people that smoke cannabis.

    However, people give up parts of their anonimity to help you, what will they get in return? How can it help them?
    If you ask these questions to some subjects of a research institute, they will at least get a coupon for a sandwich or something.
    How can you guarantee anonimity? And do you want to make the same empty promise as every other researcher that you'll report your findings back at us?

    People around here grew weary for research, since they have never heard anything back, no results, no data, not even the slightest conclusion. In my view, the people helping researchers, should get at least something in return.
    I guess that's the general opinion around this forum; we basically wasted hours of our time helping researchers who never reported anything back at us.

    I hope that somebody will help you out, but it will not be me.
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      Re: medical cannabis research

      After one month and 30 posts you can use our chatroom for some questions?
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        Re: medical cannabis research

        Dear Gandhi Ganjamaster,

        Thank you for your reply. I am sorry to hear about the negative experiences with researchers you or people on this forum may have had. To be honest I did not make my post in this forum because it is an ideal mixed representation of Dutch people that smoke cannabis, as it is something I cannot assume, but because I did assume that it could be a place to find persons who are actively interested and openly discussing cannabis and its related aspects. I am not entirely sure who the 'us' you are writing about is, as I imagine that this forum is populated by individuals. To the individuals who would be interested to kindly have a chat and tell their story, I can certainly make promises about reporting findings back, individually. And as to anonymity, whoever would be kind enough to spare a bit of their time wouldn't even have to tell me their name.

        I am also more than happy to offer a drink/coffee/smoke to who can spare a bit of time for me. To be clear, those who I do speak to are not 'study subjects' as they might be in other scientific studies. I am looking into the practice of consuming cannabis medically, so my study is with people rather than of them. I am simply looking to listen to persons' stories and experiences and I would really be grateful for those who are happy to do so.


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        My apologies LR2 for writing your name wrong!


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