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DHO with Dexso butaan HELP PLEASE !

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    DHO with Dexso butaan HELP PLEASE !

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    Hi , i have some problems . Its the first time i try to have a clear shatter . But its still brown color , The cannabis strain is Critical Mas . I had the DHO extract , and when i hold it out the pyrex scale , i have
    also brown extract . Then i put it in the vacuum chamber . At 40 till 43 degree . And Set the Vacuum on 29" HG . Then Half our i repeat this again , so on im now already almost 24 hours later and its still . Brown honey .. extract . Not shatter . Does anyone know what to do ? I want to make vape liquid from the extraction .
    So More pure . But if its like honey its not easy because i must weight 1 gram , and its difficult to see with honey what is 1 gram .... Because it sticks everywhere .
    Anyone have advice for me please ? And how i get it clear Shatter like collor yellow ? Or is it because the strain i use ?

    Thanks to Help . !

    Mag ook in nederlands reply ...


      Chemical degradation, oxidation and decarboxylation play parts in the refractive index (the way it reflects/breaks light causes the color) of your extract. This means that the older your weed is, the browner the extract will be. Simply put: the older your THC is, the browner it will become. It doesn't matter which strain, it happens to all.
      This a quite simple process, we see this on our plants on a yearly basis; we check the trichomes for color changes to estimate our harvest window. If they turn brown, the THC is switching from the inactive form to the active form.
      The color is merely an indicator of the state your weed is in. Making extracts speeds up this process a little, since you'll be heating and cooling it.

      If you want a yellow color, get your weed as fresh as possible and dry it as slowly as possible with as little air, as little light and as little heat as possible. That should let the THC dry more transparently. As soon as you have your extract, save it sealed air tight in the freezer to prevent further degradation.
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