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omegle - talk to a stranger

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    omegle - talk to a stranger

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    Hey beste JD'ers

    Je moet eens naar deze site gaan ----->
    Ge kunt daar ne klapke doen met een willekeurige vreemdeling.
    De gesprekken die daar uit voortkomen zijn vaak hilarisch.
    Dus ik dacht van: ff topic openen om onze gesprekken met een stranger hier te dumpen, kunnen we nog eens lachen.
    Zodus om het startschot te geven:

    You: hello?
    Stranger: hi
    You: anybody there?
    You: ow yes i see you
    Stranger: i'm stranger, and you?
    You: me to
    Stranger: where are you from stranger?
    You: planet earth
    You: tomorrow i will leave to mars
    You: you come with me?
    Stranger: no thanks, have to find my spacecrfat
    Stranger: blue one, have you seen it?
    You: i got two
    You: you can borrow one
    Stranger: ok thanks for help
    You: you're welcome
    You: what one do you want?
    You: the pink one or the purple one?
    Stranger: and what do you have
    Stranger: i will take the purple one
    You: look above you ^
    You: you sure?
    You: he's got a failing engine
    You: it always explodes when you start it
    Stranger: the colours suits my shirt
    Stranger: *the colour
    You: buy a pink one 8)
    Stranger: is it better tha purple one?
    You: the pink one is just a little better than the purple one
    You: i also got a black one
    You: but thats mine
    You: :p
    Stranger: so thre is no big difference
    Stranger: then i'll take blue one
    You: i don't got one
    You: just a second
    You: gonna paint the purple one blue
    You: never liked the colour
    You: just a second
    You: *going to paint the purple spacecraft*
    You: back
    You: its painted
    Stranger: ok, where can i buy it?
    You: you want it
    Stranger: yes
    You: thats 1.000.000 dollar plz
    You: -999.999
    You: :p
    Stranger: wait, i have only euros
    Stranger: have to exchange
    You: ok, even better
    You: don't worry
    You: i got euro's to
    You: a lot more than dollars
    You: dollars sucks
    You: so that makes about 199 euro's please
    Stranger: here you are
    You: thank you
    Stranger: and where do i have to go to pick up the craft?
    You: i have it whit me
    You: just a second
    You: here you got your pink spacecraft i painted blue and that explodes when it starts
    You: see you tomorrow at the launging dock
    Stranger: ok see you and thank you again
    You: you're welcome
    Stranger: well, i have to contact with my motherland, so bye for now
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.


    Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

    Lol grappige site, had niet veel tijd dit was mijn gesprek:

    You: hi there

    Stranger: hello

    Stranger: are you a chinese

    You: no not yet
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      Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

      Da's dus tegen echte mensen dat ge klapt? Niet zo'n God-bot-programma-ding?!

      ook 'ns geprobeerd :

      You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
      Stranger: Hi
      You: yo
      Stranger: M or F?
      You: both
      Stranger: both??
      You: yup
      Stranger: how?? LOL
      You: hermaphrodite
      Stranger: where are you from?
      You: the center of the antarctic
      Your conversational partner has disconnected.


        Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

        Heel geenstijl bevind zich momenteel op die site..
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          Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

          Hahaha wat mij opvalt is dat het daar vol met chinezen zit.
          Wel leuk.
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            Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

            Was effe lachen

            Mijn gesprek:
            Stranger: yo
            You: hay bro

            Stranger: how are you?

            You: good.and you?

            Stranger: mmm.. fine... little bit of a hangover

            You: drank too much?

            Stranger: yes... like always

            You: smoke pot: no hangovers

            Stranger: It's much to early

            Stranger: haha... I also did

            You: was it good?

            You: ever tried dutch weed?

            Stranger: Yeah.. we put it in the waterpipe

            Stranger: It was colombian stuff I think

            You: nice. So you are american?

            Stranger: My parents are...

            Stranger: I'm born in Curacao... still live their

            Stranger: Are you Dutch?

            You: nope

            You: belgian

            You: do you know where Belgium is?

            Stranger: Ok.. Curacao is a part of the dutch kingdom

            Stranger: Yes I know Belgium

            Stranger: But I only meet Dutch people here on the island

            You: And how are they? Friendly?

            Stranger: They go crazy here man... wtf

            You: yeah, not only on your island i guess

            Stranger: They're cool... nicer than Americans

            You: Americans pollute too much

            Stranger: What's your opinion on the Dutch?

            You: I think they are good bussinessmen. And they grow good pot

            You: But they are too noizy when they drank too much

            Stranger: Haha... I noticed

            Stranger: But dutch girls are very pretty...

            Stranger: at least the girls that come here

            You: Yeah that's true. But I prefer nice tanned girls

            You: Not much sun here in Belgium and the Netherlands

            You: Thats why people are white

            Stranger: You only have to wait to get tanned here

            Stranger: You ever heared of Curacao?

            You: Nope. But I know where it is now. I looked it up ^^

            Stranger: Caribean paradise!

            You: hmm I'd love to go there one day

            Stranger: But the people talk dutch here too

            Stranger: I never learned it...

            You: I noticed, the city's have Dutch names

            Stranger: I only know a few names

            You: Willemstad

            Stranger: and words

            You: stad is Dutch for city


            Stranger: hi

            You: chakalaka boem

            Stranger: 29, belgian submissive transvestite seeks strict and mean owner to ashame and degrade me

            Bewijst effe dat het ni echt veilig is om het even wat te zeggen


              Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

              hahaha die site is grappig


                Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

                Raar concept, wel leuk, voor ne keer...
                Gewoon random babbelen met iemand die weet ik veel wie kan zijn, of beweren te zijn.

                3057 users online

                the Funadvice Traffic Exchange

                Connecting to server...

                Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

                You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

                You: chinese?

                Stranger: nope

                You: me neither

                You: i like dog though

                You: I have two.

                Stranger: really?

                Stranger: guy?

                You: No

                You: yea

                You: you?

                Stranger: girl

                You: where atre you from?

                Stranger: so ur a loving guy then

                You: euh, i hope so

                You: sometimes

                Stranger: haha

                Stranger: fun

                You: world is troubled you see

                Stranger: sure

                Stranger: puppies are simple

                You: i'm from belgium it seems a lot of chinese people are on this site

                You: puppies are cool

                Stranger: are they bothered you?

                You: but i have 5 cats

                You: no

                Stranger: i got one white cat

                You: lots of swedish too

                Stranger: with my boyfriend

                You: nice

                You: i all found them

                Stranger: how kind

                You: 2 of them came by my doorstep themselves

                You: they do that sometimes, they stayed

                Stranger: really

                Stranger: they like you

                Stranger: for no reason

                You: yea, one of them fights all the time so we had to castrate the poor thing

                You: i hope hes gonna calm down now

                Stranger: poor thing

                You: hehe, i know

                Stranger: he'll be calm forever

                You: how did you came to this site?

                You: yea!

                Stranger: i'm afraid

                You: uh?

                You: why...

                Stranger: some friend told me

                Stranger: so i tried it

                Stranger: simple as it is

                You: ah, yea, it's a strange cocept huh?

                Stranger: yeah

                You: concept

                Stranger: safe and bold

                You: maybe you are a serial killer

                You: who knows

                Stranger: i could be

                You: yea

                Stranger: maybe i'm hunting you

                You: who knows....

                Stranger: be careful tonight

                You: i'm not afraid though

                Stranger: sleep tight

                You: ok, i will

                You: thx!

                Stranger: yeah

                Stranger: so ru guy or girl

                You: i'm a guy...

                You: 26, young adult

                Stranger: obviously

                You: obviously?

                Stranger: 21 male

                Stranger: your tone

                You: ok

                You: tone?

                You: whats tone?

                Stranger: the way you talk

                You: oh, sorry

                You: a bit stoned here

                You: slow

                Stranger: hehe

                You: yea.

                You: doyou smoke?

                Stranger: not very often

                You: thats the best way to do it

                Stranger: to relieve pressure?

                You: i try to take it down just a nouch

                You: yea, recreational too

                You: theres much pressure these days

                Stranger: i think music and sex is the better way

                You: crisis and such

                Stranger: why is that

                You: oh, i agree!

                Stranger: right?haha

                You: why?jobs are decreasing, people make less money etc

                Stranger: no doubt

                You: can you feel the efefects?

                Stranger: should we exchange our msn,and chat on that?

                You: effects

                Stranger: yeah

                Stranger: totally

                You: i'm not a big fan of msn really

                You: i don't have so much time to stay in touch with all those people

                Stranger: ok then

                Stranger: pity

                You: no offense

                You: where are you from then?

                Stranger: no.that's alright

                Stranger: chinese.actually

                You: do you like goa,

                You: LOL8CHINESE8

                You: SERIOUSLY,

                Stranger: yeah

                You: sorry for the caps, my bet

                You: we started our conversation this way

                You: lol

                Stranger: that's cool

                You: i like your hemp clothing!

                Stranger: haha

                Stranger: you are funny

                You: do you know your country is one of the biggest producers?

                Stranger: sure

                You: really good quality!

                You: all clothes should be from hemp

                Stranger: you are big fan of that

                Stranger: i bet

                You: shure am!

                You: it's strong as hell!

                Stranger: good for you

                You: heh, yea!

                You: well, if you don't mind i'mm off now

                Stranger: ok

                You: eating!

                Stranger: have a good day

                You: c-ya!

                You: you too!

                Stranger: and a good sex

                You have disconnected.

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                  Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

                  rare mensen daar,

                  Stranger: Nederland
                  You: belgie
                  Stranger: ah ok
                  Stranger: je bent ehct een kanker flikker
                  Stranger: cant touch me
                  Stranger: bitch
                  You: ok
                  You: ja
                  Stranger: je moeder is een hoer
                  Stranger: ik neuk dr kanker hard
                  You: lucht het op?
                  Stranger: je wil me slopen maar je hebt geen handen
                  Stranger: je haar is door we wardoor de rar
                  You: zit gij soms op wietforum
                  You: ?


                    Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

                    lolz, als ik ze zo lees hebben jullie al een boel zeveraars tegengekomen



                      Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

                      Stranger: nice
                      You: you from?
                      Stranger: Netherlands
                      Stranger: you?
                      You: hatjikidee man, ik van vlaanderen
                      Stranger: tyfus
                      Stranger: alleen maar belgen en nederlanders
                      Stranger: een enkele fin of aziaat ook nog wel
                      You: is dat zo, gisteren al aziaten lol
                      You: finland ook?
                      Stranger: yes
                      Stranger: denk dat omegle fins is
                      You: ja denk het ook
                      Stranger: de kunst is eigenlijk zo lang mogelijk met iemand te blijven praten in het engels en zo min mogelijk vrij te geven over jezelf
                      Stranger: om er na uren achter te komen dat je met je buurman ouwehoert
                      You: achzo, wist ik niet
                      You: ben hier toevallig gekomen door een weed forum lol
                      Stranger: tenminste, dat is mijn nieuwe spel
                      You: ok
                      Stranger: schreef hierover sindsdien zit het vol 'ollanders
                      You: amai, eerlijk gezegd ben ik hier niet zo actief, had die link zien staan daarmee
                      Stranger: weed forum?
                      Stranger: moet ik me daarbij voorstellen dan
                      Stranger: whehe
                      You: hobby kweek, en medish
                      Stranger: okee
                      Stranger: en jij kweekt?
                      You: ja enkele plantjes maar,
                      Stranger: in NL mag je 3 tot 5 planten hebben geloof ik
                      Stranger: voor eigen consumptie
                      You: leuke hobby, ja idd 5 buitenplanten
                      You: nuttig je ook weed?
                      Stranger: in kas mag je zeker niet kweken
                      Stranger: nee ik heb echt helemaal niets met softdrugs
                      You: neen, enkel buiten, omdat binnenweed veel potenter is
                      You: ok,
                      Stranger: alleen harddrugs zo nu en dan
                      You: ok,
                      You: ik gebruik juist af en toe eens een paddo lol
                      You: en een jointje
                      Stranger: drugs met een hallucinerende werking durf ik niet echt aan
                      You: nou, als je zin hebt ben je van harte welkom op de forum, leuke communitie enzo
                      You: ja is een rare drug maar wel leuk, met mate
                      Stranger: wiet en hash heb ik gerookt, in cake gegeten, uit een vaporizer gebruikt
                      Stranger: ehh
                      Stranger: ff denken hoor, ik had dacht ik namelijk iedere manier wel gehad ongeveer
                      Stranger: maar vond er geen reet aan
                      You: onlangs gehoord dat er enkele koffie huizen worden gesloten
                      Stranger: ja zoiets inderdaad
                      Stranger: en er mogen er ook geen nieuwe meer bij
                      Stranger: paddo's zijn sowieso niet meer verkrijgbaar
                      You: neen idd, is wat jammer voor de criminaliteit enzo
                      You: zo gaat er meer straatverkoop komen enzo
                      Stranger: true
                      Stranger: ik vind het wel weer mooi geweest
                      Stranger: ff schijten en door met de volgende
                      Stranger: laterrr
                      You: ok, ik wens je nog een heel fijn weekend toe, als je zin hebt, j you are welkom,
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                            Re: omegle - talk to a stranger

                            en nu een geile zweedse van 19 die in bad zit hmmm

                            en daar gaat ze omdat ik stop met haar op te geilen
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