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Gerilla spot ontdekt in moscow

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    Gerilla spot ontdekt in moscow

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    Well, stone me! Field of pot pops up in Moscow
    Well, stone me! Field of pot pops up in Moscow

    Published: 31 May, 2012, 13:19
    Edited: 31 May, 2012, 14:01

    The chances of stumbling across marijuana growing wild right in a big European city are slim. But there’s always room for miracles in Moscow, where an “entire field of wild cannabis” was recently found.
    *Officers from Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service came across a patch with as many as 230 plants.
    It turned out that local authorities had recently purchased some land to develop the area around one of the local metro stations. After a while, the Federal Drug Control Service received a tip-off, saying that what had started growing there wasn’t the type of grass one might expect to see.
    To the officials’ surprise, pot plants seemed perfectly at home growing in the south of Moscow.
    “The investigators had to try on a new profession, that of the gardeners,” the country’s Federal Drug Control Service commented. “Some 230 cannabis plants were dug out by them. The next challenge is to define the origins of the soil they grew on, and to find out how on earth cannabis seeds could be present there.”

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    Re: Gerilla spot ontdekt in moscow

    gorillagrows zijn overal ter wereld terug te vinden.

    en dan denken dat uitbannen werkt
    In a democracy you are allowed to say whatever you think but if it's smart thats the second.


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