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Dutch coffeeshop owners into politics

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    Dutch coffeeshop owners into politics

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    Dutch Coffeeshop Owners Into Politics

    Monday 20 August 2012

    In the run to new election in The Netherlands owners of Dutch coffeeshops have decided to go political in order to save the nation from losing its right to freely smoke cannabis. As you have heard from us and many other sources the Dutch government has got some seriously ridiculous plans regarding the drug laws in The Netherlands; Foreigners are no longer welcome in the coffeeshops in the South of the country and the Dutch citizens need to be registered to be able to obtain a pass which will grand them access to the shops. If nothing changes the law will go nationwide and also Amsterdam will be a victim of this new law. Last weekend was the start of a campaign funded by 140 Dutch coffeeshops to convince the nation to vote for pro-cannabis parties.
    The so called ‘Cannabus Campaign’ will be held from an old school American school bus which will drive through the whole country and provide information to voters about the differences between the various political parties. Three left-wing opposition parties, including the largest Labour Party (PvdA), the Party for Animals (PvdD) and the Socialist Party (SP), have stated that they are against the new law. The organization of the ‘Cannabus Campaign’ hopes to convince enough people to vote for the right parties so the new law will be turned back from September. Let’s hope they will manage!

    kom dit net tegen op de website en vond het wel leuk om te delen met jullie,
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    Re: Dutch coffeeshop owners into politics

    Morgen is de bus in Breda en Tilburg.
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