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Jack Herer Suffers Heart Attack

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    Jack Herer Suffers Heart Attack

    Korting op 420shop
    Sunday, 13 September 2009 10:57

    The much beloved "Emperor of Hemp" Jack Herer, who collpasedbackstage on Sept. 12 at Hempstalk 2009 in Portland after having a heart attack, remains in a coma at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.
    Despite minimal brain activity, he's hanging in there, according to family members. There has been no change in his condition since it was falsely reported on Friday that Jack had passed away. He is currently being treated with hemp oil.
    The author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes suffered a stroke and heart attack in 2000 at another Oregon festival.
    Just minutes before his Hempstalk speech, he looked fit and declared, "I'm getting better and better and better. I'm healthier than I've been..."

    By Jeannie Herer - Sunday, October 4 2009
    Tags: <LI class="first taxonomy_term_24">Headline News Jack Herer Hemp

    Jack's awake and out of ICU. He's not talking yet or moving around much. He starts physical therapy on Monday. I just want to thank everyone so much for all the prayers and good wishes. They really seem to be working. Progress will probably be slow so please keep it up.
    I will try to keep everyone up-to-date on Jack's condition. I've been really busy with Jack and don't have my computer with me and haven't figured out how to update his website ( on the loaner computer yet.
    People have been asking if there is a way to donate money to help Jack. An account has been set up at the U.S. Bank at:
    Emanuel Hospital Office
    220 N Stanton
    Portland, OR 97227
    (503) 275-7280
    Just tell them you would like to donate to Jack Herer.
    Thanks everybody.
    Jeannie Herer
    From Jack Herer's MySpace blog

    Iemand het laatste nieuws hierover gelezen?


    Stultus es, qui facta infecta facere verbis postulus.


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    Re: Jack Herer Suffers Heart Attack

    is toch bij elke soortje wel aanwezig . We weten dat het niet bepaald goed voor je is.


      Re: Jack Herer Suffers Heart Attack

      Komaan Jack ni laten kennen ...
      wa denken jullie overpotten of wa...
      toch voor zekerheid beneden afknippen en klonen ze...


        Re: Jack Herer Suffers Heart Attack

        Can happen to the best of us.


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