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First time ever...

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    First time ever...

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    Hi there, i'm Lena from Iceland, i'm using medecinal oil but thats too expensive for our budget, so i wanted to grow by myself.

    As i don't have any experience in growing whatsoever, I had to search for fora, so Holland was the obvious place to look, i found report from 'vaperke' which appealed to me, the apparent ease of growing...

    so i bought the water table from Belgium 37 euro's was a treat. Shipping was not available but we managed after all, I ordered plagron ph -/+ hydro A and B, that's it. the samsung growlights (235 W), (we spend about 400 euro's in total)

    The seeds are northern light automatic.

    I germinated 5 seeds just to be sure, they all sprouted of course after 2 weeks i have put them on the water table, i changed the reservoir once a week, i used plagron schedule and of course ec and ph gauge.

    I never touched the plants you should see the result, amazing, too much plants in a too small place to grow but hey....

    I've posted this small topic to let you guys know that even I can grow... and that means someting, thanks vaperke for your inspiring reports !

    Nice post some they have thai massage grils in Iceland my frend wants to know

    verzonden vanaf mijn bos hut met tamtam


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      I'll have to ask my husband to translate


      Welcome and have lots of fun kweking!
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        Yes yes. There is a bunch of things to learn and a bunch of humorous people over here. You'll get used to it. Have fun on and welcome ​​​​

        Voor de Nederlandstalige mensen onder ons die geen Engels verstaan ( bestaan die dan?)

        Ja ja. Er is een hoop te leren en een hoop mensen met humor op dit forum. Je raakt er wel aan gewend. Veel plezier hier en welkom.