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First time!

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    First time!

    Korting op 420shop name is JD and it's my first time growing Cannabis.

    I would like to post weekly revieuws of my grow and showing the girls blooming into full grown plants with fine stamps.

    Hopefully I get full feedback from all of you as well and tips&tricks.

    As you can see I planted the seeds (BigBang Greenhouse feminized) a week-two weeks ago. They are now about 6 cm grown...

    I just add water daily, just a bit, not too much. checking with my fingers the ground. I already put them during daytime outside (only when it's sunny shining,otherwise I put them just behind the glass window) on my big terras. Is this oke?
    Do I need to add extra liquids to make them stronger or grow faster?(like Canna Vega??)

    Has anyone grown 'Big Bang' seeds before? How was the experience? how was the product on the end?

    soon more to come...
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    Re: First time!

    welcom on the forum m8, you can make a growreport in (kweekverslagen) then u can upload photo's ask annything u like, and u will get all the info you need. its always good to give them a little extra, bud keep in mind that ur groundmix will give them all they need for atleast 4 to 6 weeks. they look a bit stretched!! wen u put them in a bigger pot, put them a bit deeper in. till the first 2 leafs u see now is ok. the stamp will make more roots that way as well.


      Re: First time!

      Welcom, hav a nice time here, and good luck!

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        Re: First time!

        welcome dude, like leo said, put them a bit deeper in the new pot, your babys looking good by the way,i wish you goodluck with your first grow experience.
        You can ask anything here, i will follow your thread greetz
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          Re: First time!

          Thanx mates....we are now some weeks further and I think I have a problem with the growing 'stekjes'.

          Damn it...I will add some pics so everybody can take a look.

          I went to a growshop in Eindhoven and the guy there told me to use Janeco light mix from atami so I bought 100L. And give them water 0,2L per day and 1x per week add 'wortelstimulator' (Bio Bacto) about 20cl at the time.

          so I did...but on another forum they told me that they were soaking wet.!!

          so I was little stressed out guys. On the other forums they told me just to add more ground in the pots and level it untill they reach the top end of the pots. And no water for couple of days. and than add just little water with the 20cl 'rootstimulator' per time. OR I could add the water in the plastic holders underneath and let them drink for about 30 minutes. the water (with rootstimulator) what's left over just throw away.

          so please tell me what to do in your opinions?
          and on top of that one of my cats eat one of the seedlings so 4 more to go
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            Re: First time!

            I think they are still a little young to feed from the downside.

            If you fill up the pots till the edge, they will have more "ressistance" to wind too. Yeah, maybe you shouldn't be watering them for a wile.

            Fill up the pots, wait and see
            Too much water isn't good, they definitly don't need water everyday. Unless they are on a heating mat, then it could happen they need water twice a day or even more. But the heat is not evaporating the water now, on the contrary. It is very humid now and they get humidity out of the air as well now.

            So just wait it out, and be shy on watering.
            You can wait till the pot is as good as dry and then you can water them till the water comes out of the drainage holes.

            Good luck and welcome to the forum man


              Re: First time!

              Thankx mate...yes I will see and wait. soon I will start with growing inside.


                Re: First time!

                you could use a little woodstick to see if they have water enough. You just put it in the ground and pull it out again. if its a bit moist then its ok. In the beginning its more likely u`ll give them to mutch water then to little. The less water the better the roots grow to seek for it. Untill a surten point offcourse.
                Goodluck John!
                "Een dwaas die weet dat hij een dwaas is, is al wijzer dan een dwaas die denkt dat hij wijs is." .



                  Re: First time!

                  Hi boys&'s time for an update again...

                  Dear forum readers...I'm worried a bit to be honest. It has been at least 6 weeks ago since I planted the seeds. Please look at the pics.

                  One of the seedlings was dent and that one's the smallest right now (with the curled leaves)

                  I don't give them daily water (with the rootstimulator) but see when the ground's dry out a bit. they smell already a bit (like it) but I am afraid I still doing something wrong.

                  When it's sunny I already put them outside. nowadays with the wetter outside (bit chilly and cold, little raining) I put them behind the glass window. (vensterbank). For the rest I don't do anything more.

                  Is it wise to buy a ec/ ph meter?

                  please give your opinion..
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                    Re: First time!

                    In soil it isn't really necessary to use a pH meter.
                    Of course it is always better. But soil is a good buffer and as long you use rainwater, you shouldn't be so worried. Even with regulair tap water you shouldn't be that worried.

                    One is staying a bit behind the rest is doing outstanding.
                    They'll soon get their growboost
                    Don't remember to repot them in time.

                    Are you feeding them yet?
                    If not, you should better spend money on that then on a meter.


                      Re: First time!

                      Thanx for your reaction. Today or tomorrow I will replant them in another pot...20L. The only nutrition I add is 'wortelstimulator' from Bac. (mentioned in previous messages).

                      What kind of nutrition should I buy now? What is 'the best'? and everytime I water them I add the nutrition as well in the water?(once couple of days) and how much water can I give the plants (not daily I think?) or can I put the plants already fulltime outside on the terras?



                        Re: First time!

                        The answers to your questions is entirely up to you. you have the answers, everybody has his/her own preference when it comes to furtilizer.

                        What I can answer is, no no no don't feed them everyday.
                        Well, I have on in solid ground and she can handle furtilizer everyday. Though some leafs are showing marks of it.
                        Other plants here definitly could not use nutrients everyday.

                        So it's up to you to get to know your plant. You will see soon enough how she responds to nutrients.

                        So basicly, yes you can, but you shouldn't.
                        When you feed her with water, the water will take more then a day to evaporate or to be taken up by the plant.


                          Re: First time!

                          oke thanx...what furtilizer do you use if I may ask? Canna has known to be very good I have heard?? So when do I stop with the rootstimulator?

                          because it has been at least more than 6 weeks since I put the seeds in the mix ground of Atami.

                          the rootstimulator, as I read it on the internet, is only for the first month-two months?



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