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Closed Coffeeshops... any exceptions? :(

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    Closed Coffeeshops... any exceptions? :(

    Korting op 420shop
    Unfortunately, I had to work yesterday and the lines at the coffeeshops were too long when I finally arrived there... does anyone know if there are any exceptions, maybe a coffeeshop with a drive-in-style window or something like that? 3 Weeks without any weed won't be much fun, especially since I am expecting that everyone will be ordered to stay home for some weeks very soon.

    Feel free to PM me if you know of an exception or have an idea....

    Have a nice day!

    New members can not use PM (fortunately) so that won't work.
    At the moment there are no exceptions. Everything is closed, also for your own safety.

    And to be clear, there's no weed sold at this forum, anyone asking or offering will be banned.
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      No worries, I wasn't looking for anyone to sell me weed. I was just hoping that there might be some drive-in coffeeshop with an exception somewhere. Thanks for the answer, though.


      • kroket
        kroket commented
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        They're open again

      If there's a drive-in coffeeshop that's still open, I think there will be a 100 mile traffic jam by the end of the week.
      We're following the news, waiting and hoping for solutions.
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        Grow your own!

        We do.

        Start a growing log, lots of fun!

        Being self sufficient is a bliss.
        with soms luck youre rolling your own in 12 weeks.


          Check this topic:

          There might be a solution.
          You’ll need google translate probably but this is a Dutch forum in Dutch language
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