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Melon Gum

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    Melon Gum

    Korting op 420shop

    -vroege bloei van 50 tot 57 dagen

    meer kan ik erniet bij melden omdat ik de taal zelf niet kan lezen .

    Re: Melon Gum

    Maar die moeten we wel hebben Stafff Melon

    -Melon gum (lavender x bubblegum) 50/57 jours. Dr.Underground Seeds (es)
    A delicacy in size extra large.

    This plant was originally a whim, looking to retain the flavor of the immense Lavender (soma seeds) but between shades of melon and strawberry gum introduced a parental Bubblegum (Serious Seeds).

    We have kept the color of this variety, ranging from blue, red and black, and have a monster weight.

    And most importantly, with an early flowering between 50 and 57 days.
    The buds of these super girls, do not forget easily. More powerful effect, do not expect to have a light color, on the contrary, this produces some killers highs worth remembering, especially if you go with friends, is really fun. Undoubtedly, if you search for a plant colors, beautiful, full of resin, hard hearts of stone and the production such as extra large, this is your plant.
    The aroma may be growing into something strong, it is recommended to use a filter.
    In outdoor crops may become the queen of your garden, not only the colors but the contrast between white resin and purple buds.

    In hydro or aero crops should not give vegetative time, it would be chaos.

    With its predominance indicates a notice of plant branching leaves well wide, color and with a strong scent early on.
    The flavor varies from dry in the sweetest of lemons to a mix between berries and bitter melon, very tasty and very accomplished in this variety.

    Flora bloom: 7 to 8 weeks Time bloom out: late September, early October.
    Production in: 600-800gr Production out around a kilo per plant in mother earth.

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      Re: Melon Gum

      hmm niceee
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