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Dinafem's nieuwe Roadrunner Automatic.

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    Dinafem's nieuwe Roadrunner Automatic.

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    The cannabis plant is botanically classified into 2 groups: Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. The Ruderalis is a subspecies of the Sativa. Broadly speaking, the indications coming from the Asian mountains, Sativas of rainforests, and Rudelaris? The Ruderalis originate in the region of Siberia, and parts of eastern Europe and northern Asia where hemp has been grown historically, have appeared regularly autoflowering cannabis populations in these and other regions, suggesting that the populations are Ruderalis diverse origin that spontaneously became wild, thanks to the high variability inherent to cannabis.
    So that suddenly happens in a place where hemp was grown for fiber or seed, of the feral population has been inherited from those times, a particular plant expresses a mutation that gives him the ability to bloom before all others. Logically, it spreads very easily, because it produces many more seeds, so these quickly drew the attention of interested growers.
    A variety of automatic crossing with our best mother Dinafem # 1, and after stabilizing the junction for a number of generations, we've got this amazing variety that is capable of producing amazing quality buds in 60 days, absolutely unbeatable term, and which facilitates cultivation on terrace, balcony, garden, or guerrillas, in midsummer.
    You can plant on 15 May and harvested on July 30 and save the month of August which is often so difficult (on vacation with nothing to harvest!). In the Mediterranean coast can be planted from April to September, and in northern Europe can only be from June 1 to August 15.
    Always need the best position to give everything of themselves, especially during the first month of growth, because if they do not stay small.
    They need 20 hours of light to grow at maximum speed, both inside and outside, so they grow more in June than in April.
    They also require much from the first substrate in order to grow without limit, 4 liters or more, and up to 20 liters, the more substrate, the better.
    If we can plant them in Jiffy-7 and according to them emerge in the final pot is ideal.
    The growth in hydroponic systems, as arlita, rock wool, coconut, it is faster and also get a little bigger.
    Need more time to complete flowering if grown on land, because they make much larger and produce more flowers.
    Excess moisture in the substrate in the initial stages of the life hurts a lot, so you have to watch it drain well, or no more water if it is on land. The power of this variety harvested on July 30, surprisingly, being predominantly psychoactive effect of physical heaviness, but still of a quality more than acceptable, therefore, that many growers have begun to use them to grow indoors. Others put them next to the mothers, 18 hours, to try them and see for themselves the high quality that finally these amazing seeds can produce.
    Days of flowering to 20 hours: 60-70.

    Outdoor harvest: from April to October.

    THC: Medium. (6% - 12%).

    CBD: High.

    Production: From 15 to 50 gr.

    Height: In land from 20 to 70 cm. In hydro up to 120 cm.
    Composition: Ruderalis 30% Sativa 60% Indica 10%

    Genotype: Lowrider # 1 x Dinafem #

    foto's komen uit de softsecret.

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