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Tax and Regulate Cannabis Belgium 20.. ?

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    Belgie: Tax and Regulate Cannabis Belgium 20.. ?

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    Kan iemand misschien hier een poll over beginnen?

    Grtz Dr.



      Re: Tax and Regulate Cannabis Belgium 20.. ?

      Legalisatie is een kwestie voor hard drugs, niet voor planten.

      Planten moeten uit het strafrecht geschrapt worden. Waarom staat de vliegenzwam niet in het strafrecht? Omdat je planten nu eenmaal amper kunt reglementeren, die doen maar op zichzelf. Zo ook met hennep.

      Legalisatie betekent: een wettelijk circuit ontwerpen (naast het ondergrondse, wat blijft bestaan natuurlijk) en meestal zijn daar ook economische motieven voor, zeker bij zoiets schadeloos als cannabis. Ik ben wel voor het legaliseren van hard drugs, zodat slachtoffers geholpen kunnen worden, niet gestraft. Vele onder hen willen en kunnen geholpen worden, maar niet met het criminaliseren.


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          Re: Tax and Regulate Cannabis Belgium 20.. ?

          what i see occurring with cannabis is it is not that it is a dangerous,harmful drug .How ever It very well may be the cure for cancer which will have a small negative impact on the Medical Industrial Complex in that all that expensive equipment invested in for dangerous radiation treatments will no longer be needed…If theres no cancer some cancer clinics may close…but people will be healthier happier live better and longer. One may ask them selves if our government knew cannabis was a
          cure for cancer.This alone may ruffle some feathers and be one of the reasons some wish it to remain illegal. Pharmaceuticals may suffer minor decline because a lot of illness symptoms are relieved with the use of medical cannabis I believe those who continue to insist that it is a dangerous drug are more concerned with the idea that medical cannabis will compete with the white houses high dollar lobbies especially if it starts taking the place of things like fiber and well it has such a great yield compared to cotton 400 percent more fiber yield than cotton and with no pesticides,so it may unsettle the chemical petrol industry especially if it becomes a fuel.The paper made with it last a real long time a lot longer than the paper made from trees.Odd that all the good things about it seem to be met with the most resistance by the white house.Humans have a special interest in doing what is right and good for humanity and the environment.Our civilian doctors and scientists are qualified certified practitioners who are trained to do research and evaluate medicine in this country.(if allowed)Currently most of the research being done has to take place in other countries…because of current policies.But the dangerous drug idea excuse has long ago been dumped.Sorry but the brain washing didn’t work.The public school dare education on it is based on lies and this became very evident for most US citizens once they tried it for them selves. The most dangerous thing about cannabis is that it is illegal.It is illegal because it competes with other industries and enterprises who support politicians with fat checks to debunk it as a dangerous substance of zero use.when in reality it is a god sent for people suffering from a number of diseases and an answer to ward off yet more deforestation . I was under the impression that Americans had a right to have a say in passing deny Americans the right to vote on issues involving and concerning them and their practices seems unconstitutional.The white house has denied scientists the right to do research . now you complain that research has not been done.but it is because you have refused any opportunity for it to be done.You doth protest too much.Greed is the real reason cannabis remains illegal.
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